Membership Group

Producer - NGO

This category is for non-profits, NGO’s and faith based organizations to promote their own missions by training Field Podcasters to collect stories. To build trust and engagement for sponsors, volunteers and supporters.

The Coop helps train up to four field podcasters. These can be existing staff or someone from the village or school you are serving. The training is a combination of the online course and live, hands-on training whenever possible.

Each Field Podcaster has their own podcast “show”. They create podcasts for your organization that feed directly to your podcast. They are also building a working portfolio so they can sell these skills on the international market and build a career.

This show lets them build a portfolio and share their own voice and stories in their own language.

Producer – NGO benefits
  • Train four Certified Field Podcasters (CFP)
  • Hindenburg editing software for each podcaster
  • Your organizations podcast channel
  • Four podcasts for the field podcaster to build their own portfolio and provide episodes to the NGO
  • One private podcast for fundraising and sponsorship
  • Free access to the Coop members only area for your organization and each podcaster
Potential Income sources
  • Private podcast
  • Sponsorship
  • Donations
  • Sponsored podcast training
  • Coop income sharing (affiliate,

Coop Membership

As a Producer you are an owner of the Cooperative with all the rights and benefits of ownership. Producers are represented with a seat on the Board of Directors. You have your own income sources and share in the income from the whole coop based on your contribution. Unlike a for-profit corporation, where the company is controlled by the person with the most money, every person or organization in a coop has equal rights.

Your private podcast

You also have a private podcast and membership page. Your listeners and donors are able to subscribe to your private show and support the podcast. This gives you the resources to continue to pay your Field Podcasters and expand the program. To make this powerful marketing and outreach program completely self-sustaining.