Membership Group

Podcast Trainer

All podcast trainers are Certified Field Podcasters (CFP) with field podcasting experience and comprehensive training.

Podcast trainers are people dedicated to helping people in villages and schools around the world acquire the skills to craft meaningful and persuasive podcasts. To help them fulfill the needs of the sponsoring organization, build a portfolio and market those skills on the international market.

This is a paid position that will often take you to remote villages and locations for weeks. You will be certified to conduct training both online and in person.

You will not only be trained in podcasting, editing and publishing; but also business skills, how to travel throughout the world, certain survival skills and basic first aid.

Income sources

As a certified trainer you will have multiple income sources available to you.

  • Eligible to conduct training for Chanel Master and Producer programs
  • Certified to present live and online supported training
  • Eligible to license Coop training material and conduct your own training programs.

Coop Membership

As a Podcast Trainer you are an owner of the Cooperative with all the rights and benefits of ownership. Trainers are represented with a seat on the Board of Directors. You have your own income sources and share in the income from the whole coop based on your contribution. Unlike a for-profit corporation, where the company is controlled by the person with the most money, every person or organization in a coop has equal rights.