Membership Group

Field Podcaster

This category is for graduates of AcademusX, the Cooperative’s training program, with the designation of Certified Field Podcaster (CFP) They are eligible to join the cooperative, free of charge.

Podcasters have their own podcast show to fulfill the commitment of their sponsoring organization and to build a work portfolio. To tell their own stories in their own voice and their own language.

They have access to the private, members only area, the sound library, all members benefits, additional income and Coop income sharing (affiliate, training, etc.) See AcademusX for a complete list of benefits and a comparison with other programs.

Membership Benefits
  • Podcast for your voice and portfolio
  • One year subscription to Hindenburg editing software
  • One year membership in the Members only area
  • Post your resume and job availability in the Members area

Income sources
  • Podcasting, editing, publishing and related income
  • Freelance income
  • Opportunity to become a podcast trainer
  • Coop income sharing (affiliate, training, etc.)

Coop Membership

As a Certified Field Podcaster you are an owner of the Cooperative with all the rights and benefits of ownership. Field Podcasters are represented with a seat on the Board of Directors. You have your own income sources and share in the income from the whole coop based on your contribution. Unlike a for-profit corporation, where the company is controlled by the person with the most money, every person or organization in a coop has equal rights.