Membership Group

Channel Master

This category is for individuals or groups who support a variety of organizations and projects around the world. They are fully supported, independent channels with their own podcasters, trainers and production staff.

Channel Masters are in essence a business within a business. They have the advantage of being a part of the coop, with all the marketing, public relations, and social credibility the coop can offer.

At the same time they generate their own operating income by utilizing the cooperative resources; the training program, sponsorship’s, affiliate income and many more. They have the flexibility and resources to reach farther and deeper into their areas of focus.

  •  Fully supported private channel
  • Ten Certified Field Podcaster training CFP “seats” (rotating seats, up to 20 CFP candidates)
  • Support multiple charitable organizations
  • Trained channel administrators
  • Trained field trainers
  • License to sell training at a deep discount (set by the Board)
  • Unlimited podcasts
  • Unlimited private podcasts
  • Multiple income sources
    ◦ Private podcast
    ◦ Sponsorship
    ◦ Donations
    ◦ Field training classes
    ◦ Coop income sharing (affiliate, training, etc.)

Coop Membership

As a Channel Master you are an owner of the Cooperative with all the rights and benefits of ownership. Channel Masters are represented with a seat on the Board of Directors. You have your own income sources and share in the income from the whole coop based on your contribution. Unlike a for-profit corporation, where the company is controlled by the person with the most money, every person or organization in a coop has equal rights.

Capital Stock

During the initial phase of the cooperative the first ten Channel Masters are also capital stock investors entitled to a return on their initial investment which, by law, can be up to eight percent ROI.