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Support your work
with powerful

A good story well told can be powerful.
A series of stories can be epic.
Engaging your supporters from their hearts.

What do you need to succeed in your mission?

what we do

We help you find the resources to support your mission through storytelling

Dewaga Cooperative is all of us working together to tell your stories. To build trust and engagement. To help people get emotionally involved with your project and share that experience with others.

We train your team and clients to be Field Podcasters. To go out and collect the stories of extraordinary people doing extraordinary things. People dedicated to helping people.

It’s a simple formula:

Trust + Engagement = Support

Our why

What happens when ...

Your club, non-profit or NGO goes out to feed families in Nigeria, put solar panels on homes in the Navajo Nation, build a school in Guatemala.

You do the work. Your family and friends hear about it. You submit a report and that’s it.

What’s missing?

What’s missing is the rest of us.

What’s missing is your opportunity to build trust, share the heart and soul of the people involved. To let us experience the sounds, the feelings and the depth of emotion – good and bad. The joys, the sorrows, the success and the challenges.

Take us along with you on your journey – please.


This is how podcasting can impact your mission:

[Roll over each card]

You give them ...

Skills. Training. Tools.

When they complete the Certified Field Podcaster training they will have everything they need to send you compelling stories.

They give you ...

Trust. Engagement.

You will have powerful stories to engage your donors and volunteers. To build trust with emotions that only audio can do.

They build …

Portfolio. Voice.

Your stories help them build a strong work portfolio.

Plus they have a podcast to express their own voice in their own language.

They have …

Marketable skills. Sustainable income.

They have the tools to compete in the open market as a freelancer.

They are also a members of the Coop and share in the income.

You have a story to tell and the world needs to hear it.

you are building

marketable skills -
sustainable income

You building strong and lasting relations with donors and volunteers. You are also giving your clients the skills to compete in the global marketplace.

Lets say you have two audio editors with equal skills, references and strong portfolios. One charges $1,500 and the other $250. Which one are you going to hire?

You now have a powerful marketing tool and you can lift a family out of poverty. Giving them confidence, a portfolio and a sustainable income.

Here’s one example …

The great global equalizer

Fiverr is one of the marketplaces where people from under-developed countries have a clear competitive advantage – price. A recent search on Fiverr for “Podcast” gave these results:


Join us and let's tell your story.

We are a Cooperative in every sense of the word. We are all equal. We all have one vote. We share in the decisions and in the income. Any profit is given back to the members based on their contribution, from the Field Podcasters to the Producers (NGO’s) to the Channel Masters. You get out of the coop what you put into it.